Extract From/Trial on Charges of treasonous negligence/Copy of Claim abdjugation of the Détiāndúhòu II/Selected reading of wreck shiplog:

Factor’s log Day 1: We’ve set forth towards Angkor for passage to Mali via Indu. The Kě xìn rides our draft.

Gaikō rogu Day 1: She departed from Nanjing with favourable winds at her back an hour after sunset/The omens are sour for soaring on Taklimakan’s whistle. We shall see if the goat’s organ ward can beat the portents.

[Irrelevant] Day 2~23

[Redacted] Route/Ports/Fares/Trades/Pacts {Details Classified/Clan Sigil}

Day 24 [Kě xìn separates by keeping to planned iteniarary]

Day 25/26/27

[Deemed Unreliable/Redacted/Appealed/Declined/Reappealed/Withdrawn

Factor’s log Day 28: We have followed the [redacted] inland. The few currents that are blowing are hard to find.

Gaikō rogu Day 28: Once again I record my dissatisfaction with the direction and rationale of this entire folly. We have lost two fare bonuses and needlessly imperiled a favourable licence. I record that I believe no such route to [redacted] can exist.

{Details Classified/Clan Sigil}

Day 29~41

Factor’s log Day 42: We’ve hung our quartermaster for not fairly rationing water. The Bosun flew to the sand. Her (sic) fired and scored. We think we hit one. Following trail.

Gaikō rogu Day 42: The pompous [redacted] suffers from delusions of grandeur combined with a crippling need for approval. I may need to secret the rogu and recommend censure.

Factor’s log Day 43: I have ordered the Ship’s Shaman to conjure a favourable easterly so that we needn’t fly square. With a broader reach we could range them easily.

Gaikō rogu Day 43: Supplies low. Presume lost. Recorded; Commision Level 3; 2 months @ 2 Garnets and 23 Zircons /Claim compensation @ 10 Jade (whole crystal).

Factor’s log Day 44: I had the Ship’s Mazu brought to the deck and whipped like Chenghuangshen. She refuses to hold fast when we fire. One porter was beheaded to quell the rumors proclaiming magical influence. There will be no mutiny on my ship.

Factor’s log Day 45: I had the Ship’s Mazu brought to the deck and whipped. I have issued orders to distribute from the wine ration to quench complaints of thirst.

Factor’s log Day 46: We almost had them. I had three of the crew whipped for insubordination and derision of duty. At this point I must regretfully record that if my father had given me better men we would be legendary.

Factor’s log Day 47: It is my considered opinion that an overland route to [redacted] is worth more than a year of fares and commissions.

p.s. The Gaikō is missing, I must record desertion. He was never harmed by my hand or command as is the required protocol.

[writing illegible]: A roach can’t challenge a bird of prey

{Details Missing} (Speculative/Dry Inkwell recovered from site)

[The following text was scratched on inner hold wall/Sharp mettalic liasions, the stains are probably blood] (Unreliable)

-They don’t fly- {full text recovered}

{Reproduction for consistency} – obvious/disregard/irrelevant

Addendum i-

Extract from/Frame Recovery and Wreck processing report

Location – [redacted]

Wreck did not show signs of invasion or looting

Fuel stores- Depleted close to exhausted

Cargo inventory – recovered as per records (classified)

Cause of crash- Loss of Bouyancy from furnace loss (Speculative) /{achieved flight time does not fully correspond with fuel remaining}

Addendum ii-

Filing receipt- Missing Notarized Persons Record – Vardan Ito (age 23)

Addendum iii-

Land and route claimed – First recorded landfall by an authorized clan factor

[Challenged by 3 parties on -Question of point of law/Trial ongoing in lower Clan Dispute and Arbitration Tribunal]

Addendum iv-

Beraved Family of Crew member claims for recovered Cargo price – Challenged (ongoing) by Clan representatives in corresponding guilds {Desertion claimed/Possibly Treasonous}

Insufficient grounds. Process Commission. Close case