The Singasari are a passionate people with a love for flight and life that expresses itself in many ways. So it’s no surprise that there are there are many among them who feel affinity with the element that symbolises life itself – fire. From them came the most unforgiving Singasari weapon of all; the Stern Flamer.

The Avertigos who choose to crew the Stern Flamer are a bold lot, counting fire dancers and worshippers of Agni in their number. All of them believe in the power and purity of fire, and know the dangers of working with such a weapon. Yet none are able to resist the dance of the flame

A close range weapons, the Stern Flamer is a perfect fit for ships with speed-loving daredevil captains – such captains feel a kinship with the way these Avertigos appreciate life. A favoured tactic of such a pairing is to swoop right next to an enemy, and unleash a torrent of flames on them.