When Bayanore was first discovered, it was the merchants who recognised its potential. They soon started converting all the small ships they could afford, as technicians and specialists worked to harness and refine the material. In time, the most successful merchant houses had small fleets of flying sail ships making trade runs.  

Their favourite was the patrol boat – although not too hardy, they were favoured for how cheap they were to construct and their ability to cover greater distances in a shorter time. For many merchants, the patrol boat was the first real sky ship they got and they would either make their fortune or die by it.  

As clans grew in size and expanded their influence, this class of ship was entrusted to scions furthest down the line of succession, so that they could strike out to find their fortune and prove themselves worthy of the family name, and deserving of larger ships. 

While more formidable ships may dominate the skies, patrol boats serve multiple roles as explorers, escorts and border guard. They can fly great stretches to maintain and expand the clan’s claims effectively, or converge as packs to provide fast responses to skirmishes with pirates and rivals, engaging any intruders long enough for reinforcements to arrive.