In their world, Avertigos are an elite class of people that crew flying Sky-Ships. When these Sky-Ships unfurl their full complement of sails, nothing on land or sea can keep up with them. Gracefully riding the winds without a sound, these fearsome craft give their intended targets little to no warning of their approach, till the very moment they open fire. Only the militaries of world’s most powerful nations – and the richest, most influential trading families – can afford to own Sky-ships.

In the skies over most of the known world, the most powerful trading families maintain an iron grip on their territories through impenetrable webs of political allegiances, airborne armadas and spy networks. Wary of the threat of all-out war (especially the massive trade disruption such an event would cause), all but the most roguish families have learnt to live with the sedate growth, intrigue and manipulations of uneasy peace. It is when valuable goods are discovered on remote islands far off the coasts of the mainland that the game begins in deadly earnest.

Through the speed and manoeuvrability of the Sky-Ships – coupled with their formidable arsenal – an opportunistic trading family can monopolise the exotic goods from these remote locations, greatly increasing their wealth and stature. The battles for the supremacy of the skies over these islands are ferocious, and fought with unrestrained aggression. A family that is defeated in battle will forfeit their goods and cede their trading rights for that region, leaving in disgrace.