Avertigos South China Sky Soars Through Kickstarter (justsaying.asia)

I believe that at the core of it, what sets Avertigos apart from other board games is the 3D factor and the modular airships. The 3D factor of Avertigos is made possible with their height widget that airships sit atop of. These height widgets help players to physically adjust the height of their ships ranging from height 1 to 3.

Why each height matters is because all modules (Weapons) on airships have different height and range capabilities, meaning that I could be at height 1 and in range of my opponent’s ship at height 3 but I still can’t shoot him as my module is incapable of shooting 2 heights above me. This gives Avertigos another layer of depth and strategy of gameplay.

The other cool feature of Avertigos is the modular ships, which means you can customize each ship to your style of gameplay, meaning every players ship is going to be different and the best part is it even shows on the physical airship itself! Every module you buy in game can be physically placed and taken off the ship (it is a very cool factor).


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