Avertigos – A 3d Boardgame With Flying Ships (lioncitygeek.wordpress.com)

5) Would you recommend this game? Why?B: Avertigos really appeals to multiple player types. Competitive players will love the Skirmish mode where you build up a fleet of ships to destroy your opponents. Strategy players will love Strategy mode where you have to plan ahead to outwit your opponents. And miniature lovers will really love the ship models. I enjoyed myself so much that I’ve gone ahead and backed them at the Definite Edition pledge.

D: I find that the game is a real value for money because it does not stick to one specific game mode. The game ships with a skirmish mode as well.. and players are entitled to different scenarios that can happen. The game design makes it interesting. as they explained during our demo that the box set comes with multiple modes for playing it. that’s why I can say its well packaged and value for money.

L: DEFINITELY! The whole box set is a lot of value for money with 447 components to each base set for only SGD$127 which is about 20-30 cents per component! When you factor in the various game modes that you get in just one box….WOW! There is really no other way to describe the value you get from this kickstarter!


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