Avertigos is the first in-depth strategy game that we’ve come across that features game pieces that not only interact horizontally – but also vertically. By that, we mean that the game takes place in 3D space, operating at multiple levels as each player’s flying galleons attempt to out-manoeuvre and out-gun their rivals.

Why do we think it’s interesting?

There are a few elements at play in Avertgos that make it stand out from other titles. Firstly, there’s the fact there isn’t a standard game board; at least not in the set we were sent for review. Interestingly, that means you can play the game pretty much anywhere, creating a play space as large or small as you like, with any kind of surface beneath.

Secondly, the way the actual ship pieces move is unlike many other games. You move your sky-ships by using a variety of cards, which are laid across the board. The fact that there are no default spaces also means that movement is entirely analogue, allowing you to move with more freedom than usual in a board game.

Finally, we love the pieces. While our copy is only an early prototype, from what we’ve seen of the complete edition it’s going to be one hell of a game once it’s done. Shifting your laddies up and down to different heights is fun, and you can upgrade each ship with various bonuses and weapons. It also features team-based modes and the more in-depth strategy mode for those with the final game.

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