Kickstarter Spotlight – Avertigos (

Airships have never really been done proper justice in the board game world. The only game I can really think of off the top of my head that used them as the main feature is Sky Traders and it didn’t really make great use of them. They could have been replaced with boats or trucks, and it still would have worked out well.

Avertigos arrives to elevate the genre with customizable miniature airships and combat that uses an elevation based mechanic to cement the flight mechanics with the theme. It also implements an impressive looking card based movement mechanic instead of measurements or templates. I also quite like the Asian influenced aesthetic, all too infrequent in the fantasy/sci-fi genres, in particular on the sea chart style game board. Based on the upgrades and backer tiers it seems like Avertigos might get a bit expensive overall but for such a unique theme and implementation the total cost would be worth it for the right gamer!

Here’s the pitch video here:

Check out Avertigos on Kickstarter HERE, and on Board Game Geek HERE.

Kickstarter Spotlight – Avertigos